An interpretation of the Neptidotae in a way which you can't understand. Note that it isn't actually that full of lens flares.

The Neptidotae is a non-corporeal dimension in non-space, outside of our own constraints of space and time, and the current (and always) residence of Kaktos. It is impossible to understand thanks to the limitations of a corporeal brain. The most comprehensive picture was given to the right, which doesn't really help much at all. There are a few things that are understood about the Neptidotae though, and this is a list of them:

  • There are four levels of the Neptidotae. Level 0 is the infinite desert level, where Kaktos has the best palace in any form of existence or non-existence. There are also Cupcake Guardians here.
  • Level 1 is generally considered the best level that to which you'll have access. It has the best housing, Internet speed, and giant Dr Pepper fountains in your own home. It's pretty kickass, and extremely notable people and Kaktoliks end up here.
  • Level 2 is not really as good as Level 1, because the homes are a little bit smaller, and there are fewer Dr Pepper fountains. But it's not understood how the fountains work since the Neptidotae is a non-corporeal dimension. Your Internet speed is also a little bit slower. This is where most people end up.
  • Level 3 is kind of suckish compared to the other levels, because your Internet has about twice as much latency as level 1 and you live in a large, but not as massive apartment. The Dr Pepper fountains don't run all day long, so get some while you can. People who sucked in real life usually go here. It's still better than than anything on Earth though. I don't know what you can say about the other planets.
  • There is one connection to the Neptidotae, found on the planet Neptune. This is the source of that famous dark spot on Neptune, which astronomers beleive is a large, violent storm.
  • The Neptidotae also has connections to the corporeal Realm of Infinite Spines. It hurts there.
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